July has been the month of IPOs on IFB

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

IFX soar once more to hit a new record high with a close of 1394.7 on July 31 indicating 10.1% increase as compared to the close of 1266.9 on June 30, 2018. Overall, 8,722 million securities worth US$ 1,359 million traded in 1.631 million transactions on Iran Fara Bourse this month.

The Total number of trading days in July 2018 amounted to 22 days, with a total value traded of US$ 1,359 million. Value traded of the Listed Equity i.e. First and second markets, SME and Base market (A) amounted to US$ 327.74 million and value of trades for Unlisted Equity i.e. Base Market (B&C) accounted for US$ 83 million.

In the other hand, Listed securities or Structured Financial Products i.e. ETFs, Mortgage Rights, Debt Market and Underwriting reached US$ 949 million, which represents 69.8% of the total value traded for the month. Overall, Iran Fara Bourse hosted a trading value of US$ 1,359 million during the month indicating 32% monthly growth.

The daily average volume of trades accounted for 396.4 million sheets worth 61.8 million dollars, down about 34% and up 2% respectively from June 2018.

Base Metals and Chemical Products are the top two sectors in terms of the value of trades in the equity market (excluding block trades) contributing 18% & 11% to the total amount (value of trades).

The first IPO of the Iranian year was conducted on Iran Fara Bourse in July 2018 by Saba Tamin Brokerage company and 10% of the shares of Ghadir Petrochemical Company went public. After that IFB’s Second market hosted Neishabour-based Binaloud Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Co. and Ghiam Esfahan Agricultural and Livestock Co. IPOs by Behgozin Brokerage Co. (http://en.ifb.ir/RELEASES/NewsDetail?id=24).