KASE Launches KASE Startup Platform on April 9

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

KASE Startup is an Internet platform mainly aimed at establishing communications
between startup companies and investors. Transactions as part of financing of
startup companies by investors will be made both using KASE trade infrastructure
and directly between the parties.

The activities of KASE Startup are regulated by the following internal documents
of the Exchange: Rules of admission to the KASE Startup and Regulations on the
procedure for making transactions and settlements on the KASE Startup platform.
Those documents can be found by the following addresses:

– http://kase.kz/files/mix/rules_startup.pdf
– http://kase.kz/files/mix/regulation_deals_settlements_startup.pdf

The following member categories will be represented on the platform:

– startups are legal entities incorporated as LLPs;

– investors are individuals and legal entities;

– accredited members of the platform are individuals and legal entities
providing support to startups having access to the platform (mentors,
business incubators and others).

Objectives of the KASE Startup:

– to create the database of startups;

– to form the database of potential investors;

– to provide trainings on corporate governance and consulting services to
emerging startups;

– to prepare startups for obtaining funding by accessing organized securities

A special website for publication of the information on startup companies, for
enabling communications between startup companies and potential investors and
for publishing other relevant information was developed and would be launched by
the Exchange on April 9, 2018. The launch of the website will be announced