KASE Presented a documentary historical film called “KASE turns 30 – bound for success”

Tuesday, 26 December 2023



December 14, 2023, in honor of its 30th anniversary, Kazakhstan Stock Exchange presented a documentary film called “KASE turns 30 – bound for success” to partners, members and issuers of the Exchange, as well as media representatives. The film reflects the most important milestones in the formation and development of the Exchange from the day of its foundation to the present through the prism of perception of the film’s main characters – the Exchange’s employees and some key figures who made a significant contribution to the formation of Kazakhstan’s organized financial market.

The documentary talks about how and under what conditions the Exchange was created, about the first trading in foreign currencies, listed shares, government securities and corporate bonds, about the launch of the first electronic trading system, about the impact of Kazakhstan’s pension reform on the development of the market, about the conduct of major IPOs, about the launch of the “automatic” repo market and about many other things, which significantly influenced the development of the local capital market. Special attention in the film is paid to the topic of strategic partnership between KASE and MOEX, the launch and role of the central counterparty in all exchange markets, and the shift of KASE services to a digital format.

The documentary also features a small artistic storyline. The main character Qassen, on his thirtieth birthday, joins the KASE team and discovers the past and present of the Exchange.