KASE Weekly: 01-05 June

Friday, 12 June 2020



  • KASE changed parameters of shares included in KASE Index representative list.
  • The lists of securities of the first, second and third classes of liquidity for June 2020 formed.
  • KASE Board of Directors approves Regulations on Clearing Members, the Procedure for Execution of Securities Transactions without Central Counterparty and Settlements (gross settlements) and amendments to the Regulations on Methods of Trading in the ASTS+ Trading and Clearing System



  • Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Finance raised KZT60.1 bn on KASE by placing the 18th issue of MEUKAM-120 (KZKD00000907) with weighted average yield to maturity of 10.7620 % APR, the 148th issue of MEKKAM-12 (KZK100000241) with weighted average yield of 10.7189 % APR and the first issue of MEUKAM-144 (KZKD00000261) with weighted average yield to maturity of 10.8854 % APR.
  • BAST places on KASE 14,820 ordinary shares KZ1C00001015 (BAST) for the amount of KZT200.1 mln.
  • Local administration of East Kazakhstan region raised KZT5.0 bn on KASE placing two-year bonds KZMJ00000834 (VKK024_083).
  • RG Brands bought back 339,352 pieces of its ordinary shares KZ1C00000496 (RGBR) for the amount of KZT464.1 mln on KASE.
  • Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund raised KZT9.4 bn on KASE by placing bonds KZ2C00006476 (BASPb7) with weighted average yield of 11.3450 % APR and bonds KZ2C00006484 (BASPb8) with weighted average yield of 11.3181 % APR.
  • National Atomic Company Kazatomprom comments on secondary offering of ordinary shares KZ1C00001619 (KZAP) and GDR US63253R2013 (KZAPd_US).
  • National Company Kazakhstan Temir Zholy announces results of tender offer in respect of international bonds XS0799658637 (TMJLe1)


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