KASE Weekly: 25-29 May

Tuesday, 2 June 2020



  • The decisions of the annual general meeting of shareholders of KASE.
  • The Board of Directors approves new internal document of KASE “Rules of Execution of Repo Transactions in ASTS+ Trading and Clearing System”, amendments to the Regulation on Membership Fees, Exchange and Clearing Fees and changes to the Rules for Placement of State Treasury Bonds of Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • Revised Listing Rules and Insider Information Handling Rules put into effect.



  • Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Finance raised KZT16.4 bn on KASE by placing the first issue of MEUKAM-144 (KZKD00000261) with weighted average yield to maturity 10.9725 % APR and KZT65.6 bn by placing the fifth issue of MEUKAM-132 (KZKD00000568) with weighted average yield to maturity 10.9780 % APR.
  • BAST placed 3,580 pieces of ordinary shares KZ1C00001015 (BAST) for the amount of KZT50.1 mln in KASE trading system
  • Local administration of West Kazakhstan region raised KZT2.7 bn on KASE placing bonds KZMJ00000602 (ZKK024_060); local administration of Zhambyl region raised KZT2.0 bn placing bonds KZMJ00000644 (DZK024_064).
  • RG Brands bought back 783,000 pieces of its ordinary shares KZ1C00000496 (RGBR) for the amount of KZT1.1 bn on KASE.
  • KEGOC raised KZT9.0 bn on KASE by placing 15-year bonds KZ2C00006658 (KEGCb3) with YTM of 12.00 % APR.
  • Halyk Savings Bank of Kazakhstan reported consolidated financial results for the three months ended 31 March 2020.
  • KazTransOil reported financial results for Q1 2020.
  • KAZ Minerals PLC (United Kingdom) provided Q1 2020 production report


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