KASE Weekly: July 12-16, 2021

Wednesday, 28 July 2021



  • KASE conducted an online press conference on results of the first half of 2021.
  • In KASE’s trading system and databases, information on the maturity of bonds KZ2C00006641 (BTDVb3) of Kazakhstan Housing Company JSC and KZ2P00006190 (NCOMb2) of Fincraft Group LLP has been changed and trading in them has been resumed.
  • Bonds KZ2P00007743 (MFCCb1) of Microfinance Organization “CCLoan.kz” LLP are included in the “bonds” category of KASE official list’s alternative market.
  • Trades in bonds KZ2D00005824 (EABRb13) of Eurasian Development Bank and KZ2P00007727 (RGBKb1) of RG Brands Kazakhstan LLP were opened on KASE.
  • Bonds KZ2D00005824 (EABRb13) of Eurasian Development Bank are included in the List T+ and Collateral List T+.
  • Bonds KZ2C00007516 (KFUSb18) and KZ2C00007573 (KFUSb24) of Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund JSC are included in the List T+.
  • Bonds KZ2D00005824 (EABRb13) of the Eurasian Development Bank are included in the GS basket with CCP, GS basket without CCP and NBRK basket with CCP.
  • KASE’s Management Board has determined the weighted average yield rates for the third quarter of 2021 to calculate the fair value of illiquid debt securities of organizations – residents of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • Freedom Finance JSC was assigned the market-maker status on KASE for common shares KZ1C00001536 (KSPI) of Kaspi.kz JSC.



  • The Ministry of Finance raised KZT31.0 bn on KASE by placing MEUKAM-156 of the seventh issue (KZKD00001103, MUM156_0007), MEUKAM-072 of issue 13 (KZKD00001145, MUM072_0013) and MEUKAM-180 of issue 13 (KZKD00000931, MUM180_0013).
  • RG Brands Kazakhstan LLP raised KZT8.5 bn on KASE by placing bonds KZ2P00007727 (RGBKb1).
  • Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund JSC raised KZT12.5 bn on KASE by placing bonds KZ2C00007474 (KFUSb14) and KZ2C00007482 (KFUSb15).
  • KazTransOil JSC announced results of production activities for the first half of 2021.
  • Freedom Finance JSC announced that S&P Global Ratings upgraded the company’s ratings, the outlook was Stable.
  • IC Sinoasia B&R JSC paid dividends on common shares KZ1C00005388 (SABR) for 2020.
  • Tethys Petroleum Limited provided information on ongoing drilling operations.


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