KASE Weekly: October 26 – 30, 2020

Wednesday, 11 November 2020



  • KASE’s Board of Directors made a decision to offer 119,000 common shares KZ1C00001213 (KASE) taking into account the exercise by the Exchange’s shareholders of the preemptive purchase right.
  • Amendments to the Listing Rules and the Rules for determining the amounts, terms and procedure for payment of listing fees, amendments to the Rules for cash settlements on deals with the central counterparty in the stock market, amendments to the Rules for execution of exchange activities and the Policy of sustainable development of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange JSC were put into effect.
  • Bonds KZ2D00006913 (SBERb12) of SB Sberbank of Russia JSC were included in KASE official list under the category “bonds” of the main market.
  • Halyk Finance JSC waived the status of a market-maker on KASE for international bonds XS0274618247 (ATFBe7) of ATFBank JSC.
  • Trades in bonds KZ2C00006906 (KFUSb1) of Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund JSC, KZ2C00006823 (BTDVb6) and KZ2C00006831 (BTDVb7) of Mortgage Organization “Kazakhstan Mortgage Company” JSC were opened on KASE.
  • Bonds KZ2C00006906 (KFUSb1) of Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund JSC are included in the List T+ and Collateral List T+, in the GS basket without the CCP, in the GS basket with the CCP and in the NBRK basket with the CCP.
  • Common shares KZ1C00000629 (CAHO) of CHINATOWN JSC were admitted to the “Non-listing securities” sector.



  • The Ministry of Finance of Kazakhstan raised KZT183.6 bn on KASE by placing MEUKAM-216 of the first issue (KZKD00000972), MEUKAM-120 of issue 17 (KZKD00000899), MEUKAM-144 of the first issue (KZKD00000261), MEUKAM-096 of issue 11 (KZKD00001095), MEUKAM -108 of issue 11 (KZKD00000816), MEUKAM-216 of the second issue (KZKD00001079), MEUKAM-084 of issue 17 (KZKD00000881), MEUKAM-108 of issue 13 (KZKD00001087).
  • Wholesale and retail trade venture JSC raised KZT3.4 bn on KASE by placing bonds KZ2C00004539 (ORPTb1) with a yield of 10.4900 % per annum and KZ2C00006187 (ORPTb2) with a yield of 10.5000 % per annum.
  • Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund JSC raised KZT9.7 bn on KASE by placing bonds KZ2C00006948 (KFUSb2) with a yield to maturity of 10.8800 % per annum.
  • KazTransOil JSC reported on the results of production activities for nine months of 2020.
  • Tethys Petroleum Limited provided results of operations for nine months of 2020.
  • KAZ Minerals PLC provided recommendations to shareholders on the acquisition of shares by NOVA RESOURCES B.V.
  • NC KazMunayGas JSC announced the results of meetings and tender offers in respect of bonds XS0925015074, US46639UAA34 (KMGZe6) and XS1595713279, US48667QAM78 (KMGZe10).


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