Kazakhstan SE Future Outlook

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Following successful implementation of some of the major projects in 2012, during 2013 KASE is planning to fulfill the remaining projects that were planned in the framework of 2011-2013 Development Strategy of the stock exchange.

One of the important projects planned for 2013 is full membership at the World Federation of Exchanges. KASE has already submitted the letter of intent, which was reviewed by WFE Board of Directors, and is preparing for successful implementation of the WFE accession procedure.

During the course of 2013-2015 KASE is expecting new IPOs that will take place within the framework of the People’s IPO program. Implementation of this program will enable KASE to offer additional attractive instruments for secondary market trading by local and foreign market participants and enhance the liquidity of Kazakhstani capital market.

KASE is planning to continue upgrading existing trading and post-trading systems aimed at creation of technical framework for introduction of new instruments and ensuring easy and efficient access to the market. KASE is committed to development of our market’s IT-infrastructure both in a short-term and in a long-term prospective to ensure compliance with local and international investors’ requirements.