Lahore SE Future Outlook

Monday, 31 January 2011

Future Outlook
Plans in 2011:
·         Setting up a Disaster Recovery site at an internationally certified data center
·         Building an in-house primary tier 2-3 data center
·         Web based Trading Portal
·         Advanced Trading Terminal with integrated market intelligence
·         Introduction of Market Makers to improve liquidity and increase market depth
·         Launching of continuous trading session “After-Hours Trading”
·         Introduction of Multi Trades Access System for order routing through gateway connectivity
·         To enhance participation of Financial Institution, Mutual Funds and Foreign Investors
·         Launching new products like Options, Stock Index Futures, Dividend Futures, and Call Warrants
·         To achieve target to improve & develop internal software and technology at the international standard
·         Launching of Mobile Trading
·         Listing of global stock markets Indices at the Exchange
·         To establish & Implement trading platform for the Exchange Companies, Agri-Commodities
·         To establish a comprehensive Research Department to provide the reports at national and international levels
·         To expand Investors Education Program across the country
·         To promote Social Responsibilities