Lahore Stock Exchange Holds Campus Outreach Program-Financial Literacy Initiative Sessions Of Campus Outreach Program For University Of Management & Technology,

Monday, 8 September 2014

The first and second session of Financial Literacy initiative under Campus Outreach Program in collaboration with South Asian Federation of Exchanges (SAFE) was held for the students of University of Management & Technology, Lahore. Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer of Lahore Stock Exchange and Secretary General South Asian Federation of Exchanges Mr. Aftab Ahmed Chaudhry was the chief guest.
At the event Corporate Communications Department-LSE gave a detailed presentation covering all spheres of capital and financial markets. The students were briefly informed about the regulatory framework, market indicators, investment products, financial services & opportunities accessible to investors in Pakistan. Ms. Gitee Bhatti-Officer Corporate Communications quoted practical examples about various investment avenues obtainable in the market and their role in the economic structure of the country. She also spoke on various operational matters of the Exchanges including listings, trading, corporate governance, sensitivity of Stock Market and investor protection. While addressing to the students, she requested the students to adopt saving behavior in their life style in order to become the Chief Financial Officer of their own life.
“Campus Outreach Program” under the broader Financial Literacy Initiative has been launched by the LSE in association with South Asian Federation of Exchange (SAFE). The fundamental goal of the FLI – Campus Outreach Program is to heighten youngsters’ understanding of financial products and concepts, their capability and confidence to understand financial risks and opportunities to make knowledgeable choices, to know where to go for help, and to prepare today’s youth for improved understanding of the economic/financial associations affecting them. The LSE under this initiative will be conducting on-campus educational sessions, followed by practical exposure of students to the financial products/services through visits/exchanges with financial institutions and encouraging participation in the financial system through games and internship program.
The overall objective of the Financial Literacy Initiative (FLI) is to promote the financial skills and the knowledge of the common citizens, and to sustain the plan for the broader financial addition in societies. At the end of the session a comprehensive question answer session was conducted by Barkat Ali Anjum Head of Media and Public Relation Department LSE.