Wednesday, 25 August 2021


On July 9, 2021, a new edition of the Law of the Republic of Belarus On Currency Regulation and Currency Control and legal acts of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus came into force, providing legal entities and individuals with the possibility of direct (without the intermediation of banks) foreign exchange trading through the BCSE trading system.

In order to implement the currency legislation, a number of BCSE local legal acts were amended to provide the order of admission and participation of legal entities and individuals in the foreign exchange trading.

Since August 25, 2021, the BCSE has provided legal entities and individuals with the opportunity to independently participate in the exchange trading and carry out purchase and sale transactions in foreign currency (US dollars, euros, Russian rubles) through the BCSE trading system in the continuous double auction trading mode.

There are the following advantages of direct participation in the exchange trading:

liquidity and transparency of pricing;

the possibility to independently decide at what moment and at what rate to make a transaction;

the absence of banks’ commissions on currency exchange operations made during the BCSE trades;

obtaining full information about exchange trading (weighted average rate, supply and demand volumes, etc.) in real time.

The admission procedure for foreign exchange trading, the list and forms of documents required for submission to the BCSE are posted in Russian on the BCSE official website ( in the section: Trade Participants / Direct Access to Foreign Exchange Trading.