Listed companies on the Palestine Exchange achieve net profit of 236.4 million USD (after tax) in 2013.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Thirty six (36) of forty eight (48) listed companies on the Palestine Exchange (PEX) achieved profits in 2013.

Preliminary results of 2013 show that net profits after tax amounted 236,373,300 million USD, a growth of 23.8% in comparison to 2012 profits. Results show that 78.3% of companies achieved profits in 2013 whereas the percentage was 68.8% in 2012.

Ahmad Aweidah, CEO of the PEX expressed his satisfaction from these results. He said:
“We are seeing constant growth of listed companies’ performance both on the financial and operational levels. Robustness and transparency have been defining characteristics of the PEX over the past 17 years”.

Aweidah added: “We expect generous dividends this year due to this exceptional performance of listed companie