Listingİstanbul at Borsa İstanbul

Thursday, 18 April 2013

In order to support the efforts towards increasing the number of foreign companies traded on Borsa İstanbul Listingİstanbul has been created. The Program envisages organizing awareness and promotion efforts aimed at foreign companies, dealing with all regulations, practices and work processes that may discourage foreign companies from preferring Borsa İstanbul for initial public offering and listing, and handling the requests and needs of foreign companies at first hand and rapidly.
During the ceremony, MoUs were signed with 8 investment companies for program partnership. As program partners determine the countries of operation, Borsa İstanbul aims to reach companies in 45 countries first, and increase this number to 60 shortly, hereby attracting many foreign companies to Borsa İstanbul, reported Mustafa Baltacı, Executive Vice President.
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