Macedonian SE Future Outlook 2008

Friday, 8 February 2008

For Macedonian Stock Exchange 2007 was extremely successful year with extraordinary turnover; market capitalization was three times higher than 2006 and official stock index MBI-10 reached the highest level ever.

In 2008 Macedonian securities market will be more influenced by uneconomic factors. Expectations that Macedonian admission in NATO will resolve positively, determination of the date for starting the negotiations with EU for Macedonian membership, as well as resolving of Kosovo s status of independence will have significant influence over the economy of the country and will influence future trends on the capital market.
In 2008 we expect that the presence of foreign investment funds, as well as appearance of several new domestic funds will contribute to the improvement of demand side of the securities market.

MSE will promote few changes and amendments in the Listing Rules that will introduce new higher standards for disclosure for the companies on the Exchange Listings. 

Through various forms of cooperation with other regional exchanges MSE will be involved in the processes of promotion of regional markets and international promotion of issuers and products in order to attract international as well as regional investors.