Macedonian Telecom shares offred for sale

Thursday, 18 May 2006

Macedonian Stock Exchange (MSE) informs you that on May 13, 2006, the Ministry of Economy announced the sale of 45,125 % of state owned ordinary shares in Macedonian Telecom. The shares will be offered on public auction on the MSE in four packages of 9,9% consisted of 9.448.040 shares each, (using the trading model all or none ) and one package of 5,52 % consisted of 5.295.090 shares (using the trading model one share minimum ). The public auctions will be held at the MSE from June 5, 2006 until June 9, 2006. Potential investors for buying shares should contact brokerage house/banks- members of the MSE to get detailed information on the manner of participation on public auctions. MSE provided on its web site the following information: – Announcement of the Ministry of economy – Prospectus for sale of 45,125% ordinary shares owned by the Republic of Macedonian – Members of the Macedonian Stock Exchange – Web site of Macedonian Telecom JSC Skopje