Market results for 2010 announced

Friday, 4 February 2011

One of the main achievements in 2010 was introduction of credit resources market in April, with launch of which the Exchange started servicing another important part of financial market market of interbank credits. Since the day of launch up until the year-end, 1,743 trades with total value of AMD 576 bln were concluded in this market, while weighted average rate of credit resources declined from 10.49% in April to 5.1% in December. Value traded in foreign currency market was AMD 281.6 bln (USD 754.4 mln), which is 24.4% lower than the same of the previous year. REPO trading also saw 26% reduction of value traded to AMD 3.8 bln. Government bonds market was rather active in 2010 with almost doubled value traded of AMD 5.6 bln. Corporate bonds trading value in 2010 was AMD 2.8 bln, which is 70% less than the same of the previous year. During the year 3 new issues of corporate bonds with total value of AMD 2.25 bln were registered.