Maximize Your Networking Game at the Finance Magnates Virtual Summit

Thursday, 12 November 2020


Networking continues to be the cornerstone of businesses conferences, both virtual and physical. Even in 2020 this has held true, which is why you should plan ahead and make every minute count at the Finance Magnates Virtual Summit (FMVS).

The FMVS is the marquee virtual event of the year, taking place on November 18, 2020. The virtual conference is the ideal forum for meeting and interacting with leading industry professionals to network, learn, and engage!

Get to know who will be there & connect ahead of time! 

Nothing is more important than your time, and in order to best allocate it, you need to plan your networking in advance. With the FMVS happening in a little over a month, we have prepared everything you need ahead of the event to organize your time and improve your conference experience. 

The first step is heading over to the registration page if you have not already done so and reserve your seat for the event!

Beginning in just a couple weeks, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the FMVS Attendee’s List. This detailed database will include a list of all companies that will be in attendance, sortable by industry category.

Additionally, we will be rolling out an Exhibitor & Sponsor List to help make sure you know who or which brands will be available to connect with. 

Finally, we have assembled a robust list of A-list speakers for the FMVS. Check out the full lineup for the virtual event and see what you can learn from them. 

Optimize your FMVS experience with the Business Booster

Do you want to connect directly with potential business partners in the most seamless way possible? We have got you covered with the Business Booster.

With the Business Booster feature and a smart tags system, you will be able to filter through the attendee list and contact companies directly via the event website!

To get the Business Booster simply get in touch with us at for all inquiries.

In addition to these tools, attendees at the FMVS will be able to access virtual exhibition halls and booths to network with other individuals or brands. This includes making use of our Networking Lounge and Public Chat Rooms.

Lastly, attendees will be able to utilize dedicated and private chats to communicate with one another. The interface also supports audio, video, and chat meetings to get to know any and all potential clients.

Join the conversation today surrounding FMVS and make sure you are ready for the biggest virtual event of the fall!