May Market Data at AMX

Friday, 5 June 2020


Government bonds and Repo agreements on AMX keep the growth dynamics in May. 

Government Bonds Traded on AMX

Trade volume of government bonds increased 23% surpassing 8.8 B AMD, market value rose by 26%, average value per trade was up by 29%.                             

Corporate Bond Market

 The trade volume of corporate bonds reached AMD 1.27 B, overall 124 transactions were concluded, the average value per trade made AMD 10 M, while the market value reached AMD 225B which is by 40% more than the indices of May, 2019.

Repo Agreements

Trade volume of Repo agreements exceeded over twice (by128%) the trade volume of last year’s May data. The number of Repo agreements grew by 185%. The average value of trades reached AMD30M. 

Capital Market

The market capitalization of stocks in May grew by 2606% to AMD 17M, the average value of trades reached AMD 4M. 

Being a company with high social responsibility, we have provided the conditions necessary for our employees to work remotely in accordance with applicable procedures. The uninterrupted operation of Armenian Securities Exchange under the state of emergency declared in the country is an important guarantee for the stability and normal development of the Armenian financial market.