Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Secure, stable and encouraging investment environment is the goal of MCDR.

MCDR was established by the end of 1994 to complete the infra structure of the Egyptian capital market. In time, MCDR has become the biggest central registry firm among the major and emerging markets in the world. MCDR s staff never spare any efforts to maintain the highest standard of services provided to the Egyptian market. As a result of its qualified performance, MCDR was awarded International Star Award for Quality WQC in the Diamond for the Quality standards commitment applied through MCDR on November 26, 2007 in the Concorde La Fayette in Paris with the ISO in Management (QC100), the International Gold Star for Quality in Geneva in 2001 for significant contribution to the business world, for high standing and professionalism demonstrated by prestigious performance, B.I.D. (Business Initiative Directions) presented its special recognition award to MCDR. Also MCDR was granted the highest level of efficiency, following the results of an assessment panel of depository companies conducted by JPMorgan Chase, with a score of 1.25 points on a scale of 1 to 3 where depository that closely resemble the best practice is rated 1, meet some of the requirements but not fully meet the preferred practice rated 2 and finally depositories that are deficient are rated 3.

The assessment revealed that MCDR has abided by all the rules and high standards set by the SEC in Rule 17f-5 which even have been developed to be more tough by amendments in Rule 17f-7 to secure American foreign investments. Secure, stable and encouraging investment environment is the goal of MCDR. This is never enough as MCDR will proceed its stable steps towards the top of elite depositories.