Mongolian SE Top 20 Index Basket Renewed

Monday, 26 July 2010

Top-20 Index basket has been renewed as scheduled
The basket is renewed every half year. Top-20 Index has been changed considering two factors: Market Capitalization and Average daily trading turnover. And following JSCs now compose the Top-20 Index:
1. APU
2. Tavantolgoi
3. Gobi
4. Shivee ovoo
5. Sharyn gol
6. BDSec
7. Khukh gan
8. State Department Store
9. Jenco Tour Buro
10. Baganuur
11. Bayangol Hotel
12. MongoliaTelecom
13. Mongol Shiltgeen
14. Ulaanbaatar Hotel
15. Makhimpex
16. Mogoin Gol
17. Hermes Center
18. Nako fuel
19. Talkh Chikher
20. Berkh Uul

This time 15 companies have stayed in Top-20 as before, but TSUN, NIC, Spirit Bal Buram, Eermel, Materialimpex JSCs have been removed. Newcomers are Mongol Shiltgeen (Resort Complex), Mogoin Gol (a coal mine), Hermes Center, Nako fuel, Berkh Uul (a coal mine) JSC’s.