Mr Meysam Fadaee Is Now Sitting After Mr Hamooni as The Acting CEO of Iran Fara Bourse

Tuesday, 7 December 2021


By the approval of the board of directors, Mr Meysam Fadaee appointed as the Acting chief executive officer at Iran Fara Bourse. Previously, Mr Fadaee had the remarkable role of managing Financial Institutions development at the Securities and Exchanges Organization (SEO), the regulatory body of Iran capital market. He has experience in various capital market sectors and is now ready to inject fresh blood into young Fara Bourse’s veins as a young senior.

Mr Amir Hamooni is also seeking fresh challenges at Iran Currency Exchange, an agile institution with an expansive prospect in the country’s economy.

For more than nine years, Hamooni focused on operational excellence and setting Fara Bourse up to hit innovative goals.

His striking measures in igniting and fostering startup environments, aka FINSTARS, are invaluable.

International exposures and cooperation to make Iran Fara Burse known to the region countries, developing new markets, various funds, derivatives, Iran currency exchange evolution and OMO implementation are just a few examples of his daring activities.

We appreciate Mr Hamooni and Mr Fadaee moving into the CEO role, wish all the bests.