MSM Overview

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

 MSM Overview

The MSM 30 index ended the month on a positive note when compared to last month, closing at  5,500.32. it increased by 7.24%. Market capitalization increased by 8.84% at the end of the current month to reach approximately 8.35 RO billion.

Furthermore, the Turnover reached this month RO 244 million and increased by 10.75%.

In terms of sectorial contribution to trading values, the banks and investment sector ranked first to reach R.O 102 million, or (41.8%) of the total value of shares traded in the market.

The value of shares bought by foreign investors, during this month reached R.O 48.3million comprising 19.78% of the total value. The value of shares sold by foreign investors during the same period reached R.O 46.6 million comprising 19.07 %of the total value.

In addition, the net institutional investment on the market reached R.O 3.6 million as aggregate sell.