Multiplying the Maximum Quantity of Stocks to Be Traded via Intra-Day Trading & Allowing More Trades on the Same Stock as per FRA Decision

Monday, 2 July 2018

The decision organizes the mechanism of intra-day trading, allowing trades on shares to be 1/10000 instead of 1/20000 and giving the investor the right to trade on the same stock more than once during same day.
This decision was approved by FRA’s after studying of a proposal prepared by EGX in this matter. FRA discussed this issue with all related parties before issuing it for the benefit of the market.
EGX’s chairman, Mr. Farid, said that this decision will reflect positively on the market in relation to raising the turnover of stocks and increasing liquidity. He added that this step would attract more IPOs to the market. It would also support the compatibility of the Egyptian capital market.
He concluded that this step is one of many for the development of the Egyptian capital market aiming for a more diversified market with diversified trading options and products for the benefit of the investor.