Muscat SM Future Outlook

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Development of procedures and rules governing the activity of market makers.
Updating the MSM regulations and organizational structure.
Working to satisfy the requirements of the World Federation of Exchanges for obtaining full membership.
The MSM is currently  working  to be certified on the following fields:-
  • ISO 9001 – Quality Management
  • ISO 27001 – Information Security
  • BCM 25999 – Business Continuity Plan
Installing new screens in the investors trading hall and   a tape ticker   for displaying  shares prices outside the building.
Continue working with Muscat Depository for the installation of new systems for the Central Depository.  
Implementing procedures for  updating the electronic trading system and its accessories.
Providing Technical Training to manage Linux system, which is used in the operation of new issues of the electronic trading system.
Developing   the Market Internet Website .
Providing instantaneous news broadcasting service for companies using RSS.
Linking brokerage companies with the MPLS network of  Omantel.
Maintaining  all the annual reports of the market since inception and until 2009  in (PDF) files  for injecting them at MSM website.
Creating  a database  for Gulf , Arabic, Asian and European exchanges with the reports and  conducting comparisons between the stock exchange
Translating the necessary regulations and organizational structure of the market.
In 2009 were assigned the design work and the establishment of the site for a host of e-commerce is expected to be completed   in 2010 , and will be marketing the site through various marketing channels.