NASDAQ OMX Armenia Launches Exchange Market for Credit Resources

Friday, 2 April 2010

Thanks to this new service, NASDAQ OMX Armenia will now provide an exchange platform for interbank credits, a large segment of the Armenian financial market, thus contributing to the transparent and fair pricing of credit resources, as well as equities, debt instruments, and currency. Armenian banks will be the participants in the credit market which will open 11:00am and close 3:00pm every business day. Like in the currency market, after the close of the trading, a five-minute post-trade session will be held enabling the participants to lend and borrow at average weighted interest rates established during the trading session. Initially, overnight funds (one-day credits) will be traded on this market; more long-term cash market instruments are planned to be added in the future. Credits offered in the market will be denominated in Armenian Drams; the credit amount must be a multiple of AMD 10,000,000. Like for all other exchange traded instruments, the trading will be organized through a two-side continuous anonymous auction. Pre-deposition of funds will be required, but only from the lender.