NASDAQ OMX Armenia published an educational brochure

Monday, 28 June 2010

Among other topics, it describes the nature and features of different types of securities; outlines the process of initial public offering; explains the nature and importance of securities listing at the exchange; as well as shows how the stock exchange discloses trading data and explains terms and abbreviations used. The brochure will help the reader get an idea of how Armenian capital market works, explaining the roles of all players involved. Investment service providers activities are also covered, as are the main operations of the Central Depository of Armenia, in particular, where they relate to the protection of the lawful interests and rights of securities holders. The brochure was published in Armenian under the financial assistance of Muscat Securities Market within the framework of cooperation between FEAS members. The 2,000 copies of the brochure will be consistently disseminated in Armenia free of charge.