New Corporate Bond in the Athens Stock Exchange Listing and Admission to Trading of the B&F Corporate Bond

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Today the Athens Stock Exchange welcomed the B&F Group of companies, in the context of the listing and admission to trading of its corporate bond in the Regulated Market of the Athens Stock Exchange.

Sofia Bithara, Chairwoman of the Board of Directors, and Vassilis Bitharas, Vice-chairman of the BoD & CEO of B&F rang the traditional bell during the opening bell ceremony of the Athens Stock Exchange.

A total of 25,000 common, bearer bonds of the company with a nominal value of €1,000 each have been allocated and €25,000,000 has been raised, at a 4.95% interest rate.

This is the eleventh corporate bond in a row to be listed in the Athens Stock Exchange, with these companies raising significant funds at rates ranging between 3.10% and 5.5%.

Nikos Porfyris, Deputy Chief Operating Officer at that Athens Exchange Group, after congratulating the company’s management, the underwriters and the investment firms, noted: “This is the fourth in a row corporate bond of 2018, and the eleventh since 2016, with issues totalling at 901.5 million euros. The growing diversion in sectors and activities, as well as the variety in the sizes of the issued securities, reaffirm our conviction that the Greek corporate bond market is a stable and useful source of liquidity for businesses”.

The Chairman of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission, Professor Charalampos Gotsis, made the following comments about the listing of the corporate bond: “The Corporate Bond trading platform this time is being enhanced with securities issued by a small-medium sized producer enterprise, B&F Garments”.

The 25 million that were successfully raised highlight the Company’s significant prospect for growth, while providing investors with a good opportunity to get good yields for their money.

Everyone’s expectation is that more small- and medium-sized enterprises will follow on this track, tapping into the opportunities offered by the new market.”

During the opening bell ceremony, Giorgos Bitharas, G&F’s General Director of Financial & Administrative Services stated: “On this opportunity, with the admission to trading of our bond, I would like to wholeheartedly thank the investors, Piraeus Bank, Euroxx Securities, the Investment Bank of Greece, as well as the other underwriters for their trust, which is helping us turn our vision into a reality.

The successful issue of the bond was the outcome of the hard work put in by the Company’s Management, as well as a vote of confidence in the B&F Group.

This success marks a new chapter for our Group, while also paving the way by opening new prospects for healthy and dynamic businesses of a similar size to raise funds”.