New Enhacement To Streamline The Trading Process – The Trading From RGSI And DLSI Markets Will Be Moved To REGS And DEALS

Thursday, 8 January 2015

o streamline the trading process so that the shares of companies listed on the regulated market to be traded on a unitary framework, the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) operates a new improvement.
Thus, as of January 12, 2015, international shares and other international financial instruments similar to shares will be traded on REGS and DEALS markets, while RGSI and DLSI markets, where they are currently traded, will be abolished.
The quoting obligations of the market makers registered on Erste Group Bank AG shares (EBS) will be carried out on the REGS market.
The minimum value for the deal from the DLSI market will be the same for the transactions made on the DEALS market with shares and other financial instruments similar to shares and issued by an international issuer.
This enhancement is part of BVB efforts to increase the efficiency of the trading process, resulting in a performant market environment for current and future members of BVB. The trading environment will facilitate a more direct and rapid reaction of investors to the market news and trading environment.
Part of this process, BVB already removed in December 2014 the Odd Lot market segment and any special requirements as to size of the trading orders.
The new market model is part of the BVB road map for improving the market mechanisms and market infrastructure, together with increasing its investability.