New practices of the ISE

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE) has announced a series of new practices that will come into force gradually in the Stock Market, starting from October 1, 2010.
• As a result of the extension of its trading hours, the Watchlist Companies Market session will be held between 14:00 – 17:30, starting from October 1, 2010.

• Trading party member codes included in inquiries of transactions executed in the Stock Market shall not be displayed, whereas executed transactions shall be sent to the data vendors without buyer and seller information, starting from October 8, 2010. Trading books including member codes will be available for the ISE members at the end of day T+1.

• Order cancellation shall be unconditionally allowed in the ISE Stock Market, effective from October 8, 2010. Henceforth, orders pending in the Stock Market Trading System may be cancelled one by one, on order basis, in full or in part. This new arrangement however, does not hold for the quotation orders entered for the securities traded with market making method on the Collective Products Market and the Warrants Market. The ISE will charge a fee equal to 0.025 basis points (2.5 millionths) of the TL amount of the cancelled orders