OIC Member States Stock Exchanges’ Forum 10th Meeting held in İstanbul

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Forum is organized by Borsa İstanbul annually since 2005 to foster cooperation among exchanges of OIC member countries.
Senior executives of exchanges, clearing, settlement and registration institutions of OIC Member States participated in the closed meeting.
In his opening remarks at the OIC Member States Stock Exchanges’ Forum, Borsa İstanbul Chairman Himmet Karadağ said, “As the new management of Borsa İstanbul, we are committed to promoting Islamic Finance and we believe that the Forum is a precious channel for reaching and collaborating with other stakeholders of Islamic Finance.
We would like the Forum to be an area for discussion of new ideas and formation of new business relations through also by holding shuras. We would like to be able to hold shuras in order to better lead our capital markets. We hope our Forum will be the starting point for stronger cooperation among our members.”