On June 26th Moldova Stock Exchange celebrates its 15th Anniversary

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

On June 26th Moldova Stock Exchange celebrates its 15th anniversary!
In December 1994, according to the Law on securities circulation and stock exchanges, Moldova Stock Exchange (MSE) was established. The first deals were conducted on June 26th, 1995. That day is considered the birthday of the Moldova Stock Exchange.
The stock exchange is part of the securities market infrastructure, which provides a "meeting place" of supply and demand, resulting in the best price for both the seller and the buyer. In 1998, the MSE has established the National Securities Depository. The introduction of the new trading system, integrated with the depository system, enabled us to guarantee delivery of securities and settlement of transactions.
By the time of the first transactions, in 1995, only 5 issuers were admitted to trading on the Stock Exchange. To date, there are 1019 companies admitted to trading on MSE, 13 of them are registered at the Stock Exchange’s listing and 1006 at the non-listing sector.
There is a number of 40.4 thousand registered transactions on the MSE during the 15-year period of activity, with a $437 mil. volume.
Currently, there is a number of 37 shareholders of the Moldova Stock Exchange, 22 of them are Members of the Exchange.
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