Online Seminar on LEI Was Held on March 23, 2021

Friday, 26 March 2021


The seminar attracted the attention of many companies. 45 representatives of professional participants in the securities market both from the Republic of Belarus and neighboring countries took part in its work.

The speakers of the event were:

Elena Ulyanova – the Project Head of the Development of International Codification Standards from the Non-Banking Credit Organization National Settlement Depository (Russian Federation) with a presentation on the topic “NSD is a local operating unit of GLEIF. LEI assignment and maintenance practices. ”

and Anastasia Roshchina – Specialist of the Planning and Reporting Department from the Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange with a presentation on the topic “BCSE as a Registration Agent of the National Settlement Depository”.

During the online seminar the participants learned about LEIs, what they are needed for, who can be assigned, got acquainted with the promising areas of using LEIs in the Republic of Belarus, the procedure for contacting the Registration Agent and the list of services provided to obtain the codes, as well as how to maintain codes. During the round table, the participants received answers to questions on the identification of legal entities in digital business reporting on commercial transactions using the XBRL standard, on the terms of providing registration agent services.

The BCSE expresses its gratitude to the speakers and participants for their active participation and involvement in the discussion.

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