Opening of the “Crowdfunding Market” and “Sukuk Index (Sindex)” at Iran Fara Bourse

Tuesday, 16 February 2021


Iran Fara Bourse, on a day of glory, hosted Mr.Sorena Sattari Vice – President for Presidential Science and Technology, Mr.Mohammad Ali Dehghan Dehnavi, Securities and Exchanges Organization chairman, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance directors, capital market institutions’ representatives, and startups practitioners.

“During recent 7 years, Iran Far bourse created an ecosystem that linked academics -as human capital- to the real part of the economy. We have now 50 science and technology parks plus over 150 private-sector business accelerators, and incubators. Raising funds in such scale and the feature is no longer dependent on traditional venues. For years we have tested various mechanisms to coup with slackness in the money injection process to the vessels of businesses. Lack of innovation in old venues was the main obstacle, as it is developing incredibly day by day. Iran Fara Bourse is now the heart of innovation facilitation in the finance world of Iran.” Dr. Sattari stated.

He also emphasized launching entities for start-up valuation for the next steps. Emerging features for these types of businesses need new valuation methods and approaches.

Dr. Dehghan Dehnavi also added: “These innovations such as Crowdfunding Market are the way to truly democratize the market.” About the Sindex he mentioned: “A few years ago, Sukuk was only an academic model we used to discuss in academic venues, but now we have a deep and promising debt market which needs sophisticated analytical instruments such as this index.”

“Since 2016 more than 30 working group sessions held to draft Crowdfunding Market’s directives and enforcements in the office of Director General of Entrepreneurship of the Cooperatives Labor and Social Welfare Ministry. Final scripts approved by SEO in 2019 and Iran Fara Bourse appointed as the Regulator Body in the zone. Iran Technical & Vocational Training Organization and Iran Chamber of Guilds are the main stakeholders in Crowdfunding Market. Over 72 applications are now under investigation in this department and 28 applications reviewed. Among all 7 platforms have the initial approval which on them will be enabled by Blockchain Technology. And, 4 of them have already the final license and started operation.” Said Hamooni, CEO at Iran Fara Bourse.

“In the rally of Iran Fara Bourse innovation deployments, we have targeted IP market, VC funds listing and SME Market before. At present 41 startups are listed on IFB and TSE with a market capitalization of 1,975 Billion IRR.” He also added.

KAREN, DONGI, HAMAFARIN, and PARSFUNDING are the first Licensed crowdfunding Platforms in Iran

In the margin of this ceremony CEO of KAREN and DONGI presented their platforms. DONGI uses the crowdfunding platform to raise funds for small-medium businesses in a very short period just within 2-3 months. KAREN is also utilizing the platform to raise funds for active start-ups and entrepreneurs. Up to now, over 3,900 entrepreneurs and 1200 investors are KAREN’s members. 1,200 projects have been surveyed and over 800 billion IRR funds raised by KAREN.

Sindex, Sukuk Market Index for the First Time in Iran

Iran Fara Bourse Debt Market Capitalization Soars Over 3,000 Billion IRR.

Amir Hamooni stated, “from now on, Sindex can be the measured for fixed-income portfolio managers performance. portfolio managers are now capable of appraising their performance, track Sindex, or even tilt it.

Sindex is a benchmark to measure risk-rewards in the debt market. Our capital market has earlier suffered from the lack of any benchmark in this area. Investors can have a transparent look at risk-free return investment. The index includes government sukuks and securities, Islamic Treasury Bills, short-term and long-term securities, and composites. Utilizing a single best-verified index in the debt market not only facilitates retail investors’ analysis but also assists academic and practical research. It definitely leads to more precise decisions in investing and even valuations.”