Palestine Exchange and the Journalists Association sign a memorandum of understanding to enhance mutual cooperation

Tuesday, 20 October 2020


Ahmad Aweidah, CEO of Palestine Exchange and the President of the Journalists Association, Nasser Abu Bakr, signed today a “Memorandum of Understanding” to develop the economic media in the securities sector. Journalists and employees of the exchange attended the event.

The memorandum aims to enhance public awareness of investor rights and to develop the capabilities of economic journalists by taking advantage of the training programs launched by the exchange. It also includes partnership between the two parties in future public awareness campaigns.

Ahmad Aweidah, stressed on the importance of the economic media and its role in spreading awareness about important issues that affect their lives and enhances financial inclusion in Palestine. Media is one of the most important tools of disseminating information. He added that it is our responsibility towards journalists to develop their capabilities in reading, analyzing, and extracting information about the securities sector.

Nasser Abu Baker stressed on the importance of the financial sector in developing the national economy. He added that this memorandum comes in line with the association’s efforts to develop journalists specialized in the coverage of economic and financial issues and it is added to other memorandums signed with other financial institutions to enhance journalists skills for an in depth and a more pronounced media coverage.