Palestine SE Future Outlook 2007

Wednesday, 31 January 2007

In the year 2007, the PSE will witness more procedures for good corporate governance including offering its stocks for subscription and listing its shares at the Exchange. In addition, it will provide investors with the opportunity of direct trading via the internet (E-Trading). Training courses will be held to raise the efficiency of its workers and Traders. It will finance several initiatives that aim at supplying technical and basic analysis of listed companies. It will attempt to develop the performance of brokerage firms, enhance the procedures of disclosure, and sign bilateral agreements with regional and international stock exchanges. With God’s will, not less than ten new companies will be listed so that the number of companies listed at the exchange will reach 45 public shareholding companies by the end of the year 2007. We will also launch a group of Electronic surveillance programs for daily trading to protect investors. The year 2007 shall witness, by God’s will, more efforts in the field of investment awareness, horizontal expansion by opening a branch of the PSE in Gaza Strip, and expansion in the Social Liability Program so as to reflect more commitment in the human and social program. In cooperation and coordination with the Capital Market Authority, we hope to achieve the legal and organizational requirements to launch the market making service so as to protect the investors from the severe fluctuations in stock prices at any trading session.