Palestine Securities Exchange holds a Strategic planning Retreat in Jordan

Sunday, 14 December 2008

In light of the growing interest in planning as a scientific basis for modern securities exchange Palestine Securities Exchange holds a Strategic planning Retreat in Jordan

Palestine Securities Exchange (PSE) held a two-day strategic planning retreat on 27 and 28 November 2008 at Movenpick, Dead Sea. The participants included representatives of the PSE Board of Directors and staff members, representatives from the Palestinian Capital Market Authority (PCMA), in addition to financial experts and lawyers. The activity also involved representatives of the Jordan Securities Commission (JSC), the Securities Depositary Center (SDC) and Jordan HSBC bank.

The objectives of the activity were to study the status of securities industry in Palestine, reinforce its internal structure, explore its features, main challenges and duties in the coming phase, and develop a strategic market plan for the next three years.

During the course of strategic planning, Dr. Robert Stone, the Leader of the Financial Sector Policy of Oxford Policy Management in London UK  made a presentation on the future of emerging capital markets and another on the securities industry priorities for the next three years from his perspective.

Dr. Ahmad Mustafa, Deputy Chairman of JSC Board of Directors, made a presentation on the Jordanian experience addressing the current and anticipated future relation between JSC and Jordan Capital Market. Sameer Jaradat, Director General of Jordan Securities Depositary Center, gave a presentation on the current and future relation between the capital market and the Jordan Securities Depositary Center. In addition to the presentation of Mohammad Abu Al Rub, Head of the Custodian Services at HSBC Jordan, in which he touched upon the experience of HSBC and clarified the role of the custodian and its relation with the securities industry.

The workshop was concluded with a brainstorming session where PSE board of directors and staff members defined priorities of the PSE, features of the strategic plan, and the tasks to be accomplished by the PSE over the coming three years.