Profits of listed companies on the Palestine Exchange grew 3.32% in 2017

Monday, 26 February 2018

The preliminary financial results disclosure period ended on the Palestine Exchange (PEX), 94% of listed companies were able to disclose within the set deadline, 89% were profitable in 2017.

The preliminary results of 2017 showed that net profit amounted to 297,243,061 USD, a growth of 3.32% in comparison to 2016. Results also show that forty one companies achieved profits of 325,102,898 USD a growth of 9% compared with the same period of 2016, while the net loss of the other five companies was 27,859,838 USD. Two suspended companies failed to disclose within the legal time frame.

Mr. Ahmad Aweidah, CEO of PEX stated that in line with listed company’s results, PEX trading value and volume continued to grow during 2017. He hoped that this positive performance of the listed companies would sustain and enhance liquidity levels during the year 2018.

To view a detailed table of 2017 disclosures, please visit: