Thursday, 14 January 2010

Develop domestic institutional investors and attract Palestinian Diaspora and foreign capital through local, regional & international road shows to attract new investments to the exchange;Þ Reaching an agreed division of labor on regulatory matters between PSE and Capital Market Authority;
Expand on investor education programs mainly for students at all academic levels.
Target public shareholding companies to be listed on the PSE.
Target private shareholding companies to go public and be listed on the PSE.
Perform all preparations that are needed in terms of managerial and technical requirements for a projected independent Central Security Depository (CSD);
The PSE will additionally dedicate more effort to the improvement of the legal environment, disclosure, transparency, enhancement of listing rules, and keeping up with the latest developments together with investment awareness, communication and state of the art ICT environment.

Convened the Third Annual Palestinian Capital Market Forum in November 2009. The Forum discussed priorities and opportunities of emerging markets post the global financial crisis. The Forum was attended by local, regional & international businessmen, investors and experts, in addition to  the Chairman of IOSCO Emerging Markets Committee, and a Chilean-Palestinian businessmen delegation.
Organized promotional Road Show to Santiago, Chile in May 2009 to attract new investments to the PSE.
Listing of two new Companies: Globalcom Telecommunications Company in October 2009 &  The Palestine Islamic Bank in July 2009. The PSE now has 39 listed companies on the exchange working in 5 main sectors; banking, investment, services,  industry & insurance.Þ PSE and Capital Market Authority (CMA)  signed an agreement with Smarts Group of Australia, to utilize Smarts on Line System for instant supervision over securities trading.
Implemented a Hot Backup site and high availability for all Networks and systems and services, in addition to new infrastructure  for Technologies and Telecommunications, new Security systems, new trading surveillance system using SMARTS system, the Stock Simulation system.
Developed new portal and a new Data Dissemination System.
Run two rounds of Stock Simulation competition in five national universities in Palestine with the participation of 180 students.
Published  five new issues of Souk Al-Mal Magazine (a specialized magazine in capital markets).
Held the Accredited Broker Course in December 2009 with the participation of 19 employees of member brokerage firms at the PSE.
Announced the approval on the Arab Investment Group Membership. the PSE has now 10 member brokerage firms.Þ Issued the investor number (IN)  for shareholders at the PSE.
Attained a membership of the Association of National Numbering Agenda (ANNA) that qualified the PSE to issue  the ISIN (International Securities Identification Number).
Issued & distributed multiple studies, newsletters and statistical reports.