Rameda Pharmaceutical Announces joining EGX

Thursday, 28 November 2019

Rameda Pharmaceutical, Egyptian Company, announced its plan to float 55.5% of
its shares, Public offering & 2.9% private offering on the Egyptian Exchange (EGX).
Rameda hopes to raise 1.755 billion Egyptian pounds from its shares offer, which
will be made in two tranches priced at 4.66 pounds per share, as mentioned in its
prospectus published in the Egyptian newspapers.
One tranche, representing a 5% stake, will be sold to investors in a public offering,
and the remainder 95% sold in a private offering.
The company’s public offering would begin on Thursday 28 th of November 2019
and will last for 5 working days.
Rameda was established by a group of Gulf investors in 1994, acting in the field of
manufacturing and selling wide range of generic pharmaceutical products,
exporting to six countries, according to its website.