SASX-10 Index Future Contracts Start Being Traded On Borsa

Monday, 22 December 2014

Borsa İstanbul Chairman & CEO Dr. İbrahim M. Turhan participated in the meeting held in Bosnia and Herzegovina on Monday, December 22, 2014 on the occasion of the introduction of the future contracts written on the Sarajevo Stock Exchange’s price index SASX-10 for trading on Borsa İstanbul Derivatives Market (VIOP). SASX-10 consists of 10 equities traded on SASE.

At the joint press meeting held following the program, Dr. Turhan said that the cooperation between Borsa İstanbul and SASE has produced given its first tangible result, adding, “Futures contracts on SASX-10 Index will be traded on Borsa İstanbul from now on”.

Reminding the audience that Turkey is the sixteenth largest economy of the world, and that it will be the leader of G-20, Dr. Turhan went on to say that Borsa İstanbul is the largest exchange of the region.

Emphasizing that they view SASE as a strategic partner, and that they are ready to share their knowledge and experience with SASE, Dr. Turhan said, “This partnership will be long-term; just as our partnership and friendship with Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

“The Cooperation will open up SASE to Global Investors”

SASE CEO Tarik Kurbegoviç said that the project with Borsa İstanbul is only one example of the intensive and concrete cooperation between the two exchanges.

Tarik Kurbegoviç underlined the importance of the introduction of the futures contracts on SASX-10 Index for trading on Borsa İstanbul VIOP.

Borsa İstanbul Marketing and Sales Unit Serhat Görgün said that the connection between Borsa İstanbul and SASE will not only strengthen, but will also open up SASE to global investors.

SASE Head of Inspection Board Ziyad Blekiç said that the cooperation between the two exchanges will continue to strengthen in the future, adding, “Borsa İstanbul is a leading exchange, and their support is dear to us”.

Futures contracts on SASE SASX-10 Index, denominated in TRY, have been traded on VIOP since December 15, 2014.