SFOA And FIA To Jointly Host 2013 Bürgenstock Derivatives Conference

Monday, 5 November 2012

The Futures Industry Association and the Swiss Futures and Options Association yesterday announced that they have signed a memorandum of understanding to jointly host the annual Bürgenstock derivatives conference in Switzerland in the fall of 2013. The two associations expect to announce the dates and location in the coming weeks.
“FIA and SFOA have a relationship that dates back more than 30 years,” said Walt Lukken, president and chief executive officer of FIA. “We are excited to have this opportunity to support one of the premiere European derivatives conferences and we are committed to continuing this unique event with its European culture and focus.”
“We at SFOA are thrilled about the upcoming co-operation with FIA in the organisation of the Bürgenstock Conference 2013,” said Otto Nägeli, chairman of SFOA. “Based on the wealth of expertise and experience in the United States and Switzerland respectively we will build on a strong brand with joint forces.”
The Bürgenstock conference, now in its fourth decade, has a long history of attracting distinguished speakers and prominent names from the economic, academic and political worlds for high-level debate and discussion. The conference has proven to be an ideal forum for networking and a fertile environment for encouraging closer cooperation and joint business initiatives among market participants.
Since 1984, the SFOA has organized a parallel event during the Bürgenstock conference that brings together regulatory officials from around the world. This regulatory summit has provided a uniquely effective platform for the harmonization of international regulatory frameworks and the enhancement of communication between the derivatives industry and its regulators, further cementing the conference’s standing as one of the premiere events of the year.
In 1999, in co-operation with UNCTAD, the first Emerging Markets Meeting also took place at Bürgenstock. This initiative has provided new markets with an opportunity to discuss their own issues as well as meet and exchange views with established markets and international regulatory authorities. In addition, for the last three years the Bürgenstock conference has been the venue for the Structured Products Forum.