Shares of Nerudprom and Kommunarka are listed on BCSE

Monday, 18 January 2021


Shares of Nerudprom and Kommunarka have been admitted to trading on the Market for State Enterprises and included into the Second Level Quotation List

The main characteristics of issued securities:

IssuerIssue serial numberIssue codePar value, BYNNumber of securitiesAdmission date
1Nerudprom, JSC1BY52001146640.04129 445 53313.01.2021
2Kommunarka, JSC3BY52681А169467.77283 89815.01.2021

Nerudprom is one of the largest manufacturers of nonmetallic building materials in Belarus. The main activity of the company is extraction and processing of sand and gravel mixture with producing nonmetallic building materials used in the construction industry in the form of small and large aggregates while producing concrete products, mortars, dry mixes, for the construction of foundations and coatings, highways and airfields. The company has been operating in the market of nonmetallic building materials for over 70 years, produces high-quality products of great demand.

Kommunarka (Factory Kommunarka) is one of the largest confectionery manufacturers in Belarus. The factory produces over 27 thousand tons of sweet products annually. The wide assortment of the factory includes more than 300 items of confectionery. Confectionery Kommunarka is appreciated not only in our country, but also abroad. The products manufactured by the factory are exported to more than 26 countries of the world: Russia, China, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, USA, Canada, Germany, Israel and others.

Note. In total, as of January 15, 2021, the BCSE lists 17 issues of shares of 14 open joint stock companies, 7 issues of corporate bonds, as well as 73 government issues of bonds of the Republic of Belarus and bonds of the National Bank.