Societe Generale Albania” Bank, become the Member of Tirana SE

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Supervisory Board of Tirana Stock Exchange approved the request of "Societe Generale Albania" Bank, to be Member of Tirana SE "Societe Generale Albania" Bank, owned by "Societe Generale SA" France, in the amount 85.82% of shares. Activity of "Societe Generale Albania" consists on gathering of free funds from current and potential clients, either individual or public and private entities in the form of deposits or short-term and current accounts against the interests and putting delivery of these funds available to clients in need of funds in the form of loans, overdrafts or leasing, or their investment in securities in order to benefit from interest or resale in the market. "Societe Generale Albania" is licensed by the Albanian Financial Supervisory Authority with license no. 5, dated 25.06.2009.