Surveillance Framework: FEAS Members’ Behavior

Thursday, 9 July 2020


Continuing to share FEAS Previous reports, this week we are opening Surveillance Framework.

With the lead of FEAS Member Palestine Exchange, the book “Surveillance Framework” was released and published, covering the analysis of benchmarks, monitoring levels’ proposals and technological possibilities.

Message from the author Mohammad A. Abu Baker:

“On May 2013, at FEAS spring meeting in Sarajevo, the proposal of creating a surveillance task force was introduced. The task force was created in 2014, and we started a long journey of challenges to set the basis for this book. It was called a technical Guide at that time. And after digging deeper, I believed that it could be called “Surveillance Fundamentals” with its first version.

The beauty of this profession is that as deeper we dive, we realize that what we thought to be a single piece is actually a set of smaller pieces which we need to break down to understand. That was challenging as it’s hard to decide how deep is considered sufficient for this version.

This Framework reflects my philosophy to Market Surveillance along with the two-level mechanism. It was first implemented at Palestine Exchange, and every time I share it with other peers, I receive a compliment. So, I decided to share it with FEAS family and include it in this text as well. I need to mention that this work also gathers parts of priceless articles and research papers in one book. I came by those materials through my journey to follow the curiosity inside my mind. Putting those materials together in one text gives a better understanding than reading them separately. This widens the scope of this framework to set the base for the main points that every surveillance professional should be aware of”.

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Stay Well, Stay Safe, We are all in this together!

Report Link: Surveillance Framework