Takasbank 2007 Future Outlook

Monday, 18 December 2006

In 2006, Takasbank intends to:

·         Initiate efforts to become a Central Counterparty for equities;

·         Give-up process for Turkdex transactions;

·         Fully automation of cross-border settlement services merged with the SWIFT system; Institute pre-matching facility on T+1 for DvP settlement (among brokers and custodians) for equities via integration of SWIFT and DvP transfer facility;

·         SWIFT Concentrator Model for enabling non-SWIFT member institutions to reach SWIFT system;

·         Establishment and implementation of a distribution and settlement system for investment fund units on the integrated system with the CRA;

·        Development and expansion of the scope of Investment

       Fund Custody System;

·        Work towards participation in international organizations;

·        Endeavor to comply with EU directives regarding securities clearing and settlement systems;

·        Contribute to the development of international standards for securities and implementing these standards in Turkey.