Takasbank Future Outlook

Monday, 23 January 2012

In 2012 , Takasbank intends to:

• Actively participate to the studies of “Istanbul International Finance Center” project.

  • Continue its efforts to become a Central Counterparty for equities and establish a central collateralization system
  • Continue the studies to become an international hub (ICSD) for cross-border clearing & settlement transactions.

••Contribute to the development and integration of the collateral and risk management software for the  Options market;

• Continue its efforts for attracting interest for Turkey Electronic Fund Platform, which started its operations on January 2011 to create a larger distribution channel for market participants, and developing the infra-structure for the integration with international fund platforms;  the ;

•Contribute to the development of an Options Market Clearing and Settlement infra-structure;


  • Contribute to the development of international standards for securities and implementing these standards in Turkey.
  • Continue its studies for the infra-sturucture development of clearing & settlement of stock repo market to be opened in the ISE.
  • Contribute to the realization of the dematerialization of domestic debt instruments (i.e. T-Bills and G-Bonds)