Takasbank is welcoming the New Year with its new logo

Friday, 4 January 2013

As the central clearing and settlement institution of Turkey, Takasbank continues global competition with the structural transition it is going through. Reflecting its changing institutional profile and renovated structure to its visual image, Takasbank welcomes the coming year with its new logo.
According to the announcement, within the framework of “Istanbul International Finance Center Project”, Takasbank will take its place in the global competition environment with its new look.
The changing institutional profile according to the new vision and mission of Takasbank targeting to be the institution preferred by the regional countries providing services compatible with international standards as well as the new logo symbolizing the renovated structure represents the passage to a younger, dynamic, innovative and creative business model.
The new logo of Takasbank constitutes an important leg of the project which newly positions the stance of the institution both in the local as well as international markets. The new logo portraying momentum and dynamism through a genuine inscription character compatible with the changing service range took over the logo expressing clearing, settlement and depository services of the foundation years inspired by a padlock and portrays four main operating services (clearing and settlement, custody as well as capital increase and issuer services regarding custody) as the arrows on the padlock.
While the new logo is positioned over a dark blue background standing for trust, the three dimensional arrow line repeating in yellow color describes “settlement” transaction in an austere assertion.

-“The new logo reflects manpower, quality and variability”-
Murat Ulus, CEO and Board Member of Takasbank whose views are stated below expressed that they chose the logo which best reflects the structural transition in Takasbank as well as trust as the best asset being possessed and also their future targets.
Ulus stated that “Our new logo emphasizing our future vision is a symbol of our experienced, motivated and communication prone human resources which is a guarantee of our target to enhance quality and variability in our services. Takasbank is going through a serious transition in both institutional identity and product variability.

In this new era, we are making new investments in order to strengthen our IT infrastructure to be compatible with international standards. We are targeting to realize the integration and automation process for every new product as well as service to be provided by the sector in the most robust manner through restructuring of our research and development organization.