Tehran SE CEO Speech Proposal for More Transparency

Monday, 24 January 2011

Dr. Hassan Ghalibaf Asl, TSE’s CEO gave his speech during the second day of a national conference on Capital Market in Iran 2025.

His presentation focused on transparency in economy and its effects on capital market development, during which he described the concept of transparency, its significance and dimensions in the capital markets.

‘Information has a pivotal role in markets functionality; therefore, transparency and accuracy are among our core concerns’, Ghalibaf stated.

He added, ‘price discovery, effective financing, establishing corporate governance principles and facilitation foreign investment are some of the transparency achievements’.

TSE’s CEO called on the government for a transparent conduct, which is crucial for all markets, and especially for fiscal and monetary markets, and asked for transparent rules and objectives, public and punctual access to the policymaking principles, and confidence on the consequences.

‘IMF has introduced three anti-growth policies: government extended economic activities, lack of transparency, and feeble management. Taking international transparency indicators into account is decisive for facilitating foreign investment. The indicators include corruption level control, economic liberation and appropriate business environment. Any deficiency in transparency indicators will easily pave the ground for more market manipulation. Such deficiencies should be tackled for sustainable economic development’, Dr. Ghalibaf concluded.