Tehran SE Market Summary

Friday, 19 October 2007

For the 19 trading days in September , the TSE evidenced transactions in

2,182 million shares and rights worth $806 million. These figures demonstrate a 29 percent and 61 percent increase related to the volume and value of trades respectively over the previous month. Of the 337 listed companies in the TSE, shares and rights of 244 companies were traded for the month of September. Market price rose for 109 companies, while it fell

for 119 companies, and showed no change for the remaining 16 companies. Total market capitalization for September reach to $46,880 million, demonstrating a 8% increase as compared to the previous month ($43,430 million in August). The number of purchasers and number of trades were105,109 and 187,919 respectively for the month. These figures demonstrate a 14 and 7 percent decrease in the numbers of purchasers and trades respectively compared to the previous month (121,843 and 201,993 in August). 15,255 Participation Certificates worth $1.6 million were also traded during this month.