Tehran Securities Exchange Issuers Reporting Sustainability Information

Monday, 13 May 2024

A workshop on IFRS Sustainability Disclosure Standards was held by Tehran Securities Exchange (TSE) in collaboration with the UN’s Sustainable Stock Exchanges (SSE) Initiative and attending of around two hundred participants.

Dr. Mahmoud Goudarzi, TSE’s CEO made an opening speech to the workshop on 7 May 2024, appreciating the organizers of this unprecedented event in Iran’s capital market, and noted that in line with the implementation of the corporate governance regulations and the significance of sustainability disclosure in it, the listed issuers are called for a new approach to the environmental, social and economic principles.

The instructors of this workshop were representatives from SSE Initiative, IFRS Sustainability, as well as IFC, and it was aimed at familiarizing companies with the international sustainability disclosure standards and how to implement the principles.

The first part of this workshop dealt with the issue of what conceptual framework sustainability standards are based on and what information and what features it has and where and how it should be disclosed. In the second part, efforts were made to enable companies to align their disclosure strategies with international sustainability disclosure standards and also consider their geographical or industry-related obligations. In the next section, guidance was provided on identifying sustainability opportunities and risks, assessing the importance of related information, evaluating strategy and the company’s ability to cope with climate risks. The final topic was the effective and efficient transfer of sustainability-related topics and the company’s ability to deal with climate issues to the audience of sustainability reports.

The modern concept of sustainability considers that while making a profit today is important, we need to think about the long-term effects of our activities and the availability of resources in the future. Disclosure of sustainability information leads to increased transparency, brand promotion, making sound investment decisions and increased competitiveness of companies.